How to Deal with Depression Naturally

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Everyone feels down every now and then. But when you can't seem to pull yourself up, or when your blues are beginning to negatively affect your everyday life, it's possible you're suffering from depression. Before turning to antidepressant medications, many of which carry serious side effects, it may be worth learning how to deal with depression naturally. While the following suggestions may not completely prevent depression, they can help improve your mood and potentially knock you out of your slump.

    Understand Your Moods

    Your mood, like everyone else's, goes up and down. Recognizing that—just as you feel depressed today—you'll feel better someday soon, may help you overcome the negativity that comes with depression

    Surround Yourself with Upbeat Friends

    It's only natural that the moods of those around us rub off on us. If the people with whom you associate are chronically crabby, maybe it's time to focus your attention on the friends that put you in a good mood instead.

    Foster a sense of gratitude

    Studies have shown that people who are thankful for the things they do have are happier than those who constantly focus on the things they don't. Realizing that you have more than many unfortunate people can make you feel better about yourself and your life.

    Remember Your Successes

    We tend to emphasize our failures (at least, in our own minds) while ignoring our past successes. Instead of thinking of all the ways you're "inadequate", think about all the things you have learned and accomplished in your life and how much more you have to do and give.

    Change Your Environment

    Redecorate part of your home or just get out into the world. Do something outside your normal routine. We attach negative feelings to the environment in which we first experience them, so moving yourself to a different location can knock you out of the self-reinforcing cycle of negativity.

    Get a Pet

    Or at least spend some time interacting with animals. They are great role models for not letting life get them down. It's also theoretically impossible to stay depressed while holding a bunny.

    Move Around

    Get some exercise. Take a stroll. Just move. Action helps break the cycle of tiredness and can encourage you to take ever greater steps out of you depression.

    Break Your Routine

    Just as your physical location can keep you in a rut, your day-to-day routine can keep you from experiencing new things. Take some time off, if you can, or just do your daily activities in a different order or a different way.

    Maintain Perspective

    Remember that your problems are not the world-shattering events you think they are. No matter how bad things seem, the sun rise tomorrow and life will go on. Realize that the problems that seem so big and insurmountable right now will one day be distant memories.

    Take Action

    If there is one thing contributing to your depression, isolate it, come up with a plan to deal with it, and execute that plan. Once you take back control over the things that affect your mood, you realize that there is no need to keep feeling down.


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