Age Gate Therapy

Guest post by Elisabetta Reist

Age Gate Therapy was developed by an Italian physician who had been faced with many people suffering from heavy trauma. He found out that traumas are recorded in the human body and that it is possible to help the sufferers get rid of their memories.

The physician’s name was Giuseppe Calligaris and he exercised his profession in the North of Italy. He was a psychiatrist and neurologist active in the course of the last century.

Every trauma causes emotions, that is, besides the physical damage, there is also a psychological and mental stress.

According to Calligaris’ findings, every vertebrae corresponds to a certain period of the human life. Most vertebraes reflect at least two phases of life. One is situated in the early years of life, the second in later periods or, if there is a third one, it is referred to another period later in that person’s life.

According to Calligaris, there is also a corresponding spot on the skin which is directly related to the vertebrae and can therefore be treated as well.

The treatment is carried out with a cold white light. This is directed to the vertebrae that holds the secret. In general, no light is used on the skin, but the spot is slightly massaged.

Many people may not remember the exact date when their first symptoms turned up. The treating person investigates by asking questions but, if the sufferer cannot recall anything, he or she starts pointing the light to the vertebrae that is close to the age the patient had at the moment in which the suffering started.

Once the spot is found, the light remains on it for up to ten minutes. In these minutes, the sufferer may get nervous, start crying or have other emotional upheavals. The spot around the vertebrae may get black or very dark. This is a sign that the suffering is located in this area. The therapist can decide to continue the exploration for another 5 minutes if the patient is not too emotional.

Should strong emotions come up, the therapist can have a third person intervene that does one or many cycles of EFT referred to the trauma suffered.

The combination of Age Gate and EFT has shown to be very efficient.

The therapist has various options on how to continue his/her work. He/she can extend his/her exploration from the vertebrae to the surrounding skin area. He/she can add EFT or Iridology.

This latter option is preferably used by specialists only.

If Age Gate Therapy is used by non medical staff, it should always be combined with EFT. This simple yet powerful method helps sufferers to get rid of the   upheavals, like anxiety in all its expressions, in a soft way. The therapist him/herself can do EFT or a third person can be called to do it. The sufferer him/herself in most cases cannot do it by him/herself as the process of releasing the trauma requires all his forces and attention. Once the trauma is solved, or partly dissolved, the sufferer will be very tired and may require relaxation. Actually, relaxation is induced by the process itself but the patient is not always in a position to completely relax. Once completely recovered, the patient will have a different look at life, feel much better and be very thankful for the help received.

Elisabetta lives in the Southern part of Switzerland. Her original profession is that of a translator and interpreter as well as language teacher. As these professions are in the field of communication, she decided to enlarge it to interpersonal and intrapersonal communication. She therefore studied various methods  to help people look inside themselves and discover their true Self. Her personal journey to peace led me to achieve certification as an instructor of EFT,  EmoTrance, Remap, Agegate Therapy and SpringForest QiGong. She works with clients of all ages to release anxiety and experience the peace and joy that comes from being freed from emotional traumas.

Elisabetta provides customized coaching to help clients release limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams. She has written an ebook “Anxiety,Goodbye!” and a  printed book with the title “ Kiss Anxiety Goodbye”. She has also produced a meditation on mp3. (can be used as a CD). She can be reached through Skype @elisabetta.reist1 or email [email protected]

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