Guest Post: Interactions with a Six-Year-Old ADHD Candidate

Here is a guest post submitted by Jason Miner.  

 The term, "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder" gets thrown around a lot for children in today's society. Although some groups out there are trying to discourage the casual labeling of a child as ADHD although there is nothing mentally wrong with them, it is still quite common. It seems that a great deal of people seem to think that when a child behaves a certain way, it must be a mental disorder as opposed to simple childish behaviors. Unfortunately, my six-year-old daughter falls under that category. However, her behaviors do tend to fall in line with practical ADHD symptoms.

1. Easily Distracted - One of my daughter’s most prominent problems is the lack of focus on specific subjects. However, this distraction doesn't happen among all subjects. She can recite to you approximately 30 different types of dinosaurs by their proper names and their eating habits, but she can't pay attention enough to tie her shoes. On car trips between towns, she can become very agitated at times. All we need to do is point out the cows we see as we drive by and the crisis is diverted. It's a handy trick to have when you don't want to listen to the whining for 12 more miles. 2. No Interest - For the most part, it seems my daughter has no focus during subjects or situations she has no interest in. For example, she is more content rubbing the velvet material of her dress during a public musical recital than actually singing with the rest of her class. However, her verbal linguistic skills surpass that of her 12-year-old brother. She is articulate and has a very extensive vocabulary. It can be frustrating to a parent when the teacher calls you in to discuss how their daughter is falling behind although she shows incredible aptitudes at home. 3. One-on-One - We are lucky enough to live in an area that has special needs staff that can work with our daughter one-on-one. Apparently, she doesn't do well in large groups with the class. Stick her in a room with one person to teach her and she excels. The trick is to engage her on a field that she is interested in. As she is partial to dinosaurs, any educational apps, movies, and television shows have been greatly beneficial. Now, we just need to figure out how to engage her for material that isn't covered by these reptilian friends of hers. Her attention is definitely hard to acquire, but she is a sponge for knowledge if it can be accomplished. She can define astrological sciences, high-tech gadgets, and has impressed me on numerous occasions by properly describing an array of next-level thoughts and insights. A child experiencing symptoms of ADHD may be nothing more than a child being a child. I remember my elementary school speculated that I had a mild retardation because I wouldn't stay focused on tasks. This was around the same age as my daughter is now. When given a test to determine my cognitive abilities, I scored in the 97th percentile of all children. It was at that point they urged my mother to allow me to skip a grade or two as I was nothing more than bored with the content. Your child may not have ADHD. He or she could simply be bored from learning the same thing repeatedly. Never assume the worst because a so-called expert says it is.

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