Healing PTSD as a Former Marine

This is an excerpt from Robert Serocki’s book, Chrysalis: A Metamorphosis Has Begun, in which he describes his struggles with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from his experiences as a United States Marine fighting in the first Gulf War. It describes all of the events of his life and everything her encountered and suffered through for over 20 years. It also shows how he decided to turn his life around and become successful with it and how that process took six years to accomplish.

Robert says, “By reading this book you will benefit from my life and gain more than 20 years of knowledge, insight and experiences that you can apply to your own life and the lives of others!?

Chrysalis, by Robert SerockiChrysalis: A Metamorphosis Has Begun

I became sick again. I went to different doctors and got even stronger medicine. I got so sick that I ended up in a wheelchair completely unable to walk for two years. I was a zombie. By this point, I was no longer working on my goals and I had thoughts of committing suicide once again. I spent another week in the hospital.

This behavior continued for a while. Until, one day, I decided that this was enough. I no longer had a purpose. I was just existing and I knew that wasn’t right. I did have a purpose and had to get back on track.

While I was in the chair I gained 70 pounds from lack of movement and the medication. I decided that I needed to lose the weight, get out of the chair and off of the medication. Once I did that, I would write another plan and get back on track.

I began by forcing myself out of the wheel chair. After several months, I lost over 60 pounds. After working on those things for six months, I decided it was time to get off of all of my medication completely and for good.

So, one day I quit taking all of it, cold turkey. The next seven days were pure hell. I had hallucinations, vomiting, chills, fever and I couldn’t sleep. An hour seemed like a day and a few days seemed like months. But, I was driven. I would get through this and serve my purpose.

After that week, things started to improve for me. After two months of being completely off of my medicine, I went to the doctor. I brought all of my unfinished medicine with me and dropped it all on her desk and said, “That is it. I am done!” You can imagine her reaction. She was happy for me and very supportive.

After that, I started focusing on what I want to really do in life and what my purpose is. I got up one morning and packed some things after Frida went to work. I then left the house and went to a hotel. I could not live there anymore. It was a bad place for me. I figured she would either eventually join me where ever I was or that would be the end of things for us. But, I had to move forward.

Eventually, she agreed and we found a new place to live. I moved in immediately and she moved in a couple of months later. While I was there, I began to make my plan and enact it. After a few months, I came up with a new plan and enacted it. I am now producing and writing my books and setting up a program to help other veterans and people in general to heal from their past and move forward with their lives. Thus, helping them to also fulfill their purpose.

I also made some investments in the stock market. I made plans for, and began working towards, having my own restaurant and vineyard and acquiring some real estate and rental properties. I contacted all of my old friends from my child hood and got back in touch with them as well as with my father.

My new plan now looks like this:

  1. I will write and publish four books
  2. I will invest $100,000.00 in the stock market
  3. I will acquire three rental properties
  4. I will open my own restaurant
  5. I will earn $89,000.00 a month this upcoming year
  6. I will lose 15 more pounds and I will be healthy
  7. I will have a new vehicle to my liking
  8. I will have a high rise home in downtown San Diego, a log cabin home up north in the woods with a lot of trees and a stream, and I will have a home in the desert with stunning views
  9. I will have built a stellar wine collection
  10. I will have started my own vineyard

I work on all of these goals each and every day. I am on fire! I can and will do this and not only enhance my life, but enhance other people’s lives through the accomplishment of my goals. I know that there are no limitations. I can do whatever I wish to do. My mind is my only limitation. So, I will change the way I think and create what I want internally in my mind so that it will manifest itself physically in my life. I also study every day. Knowledge is the best way to limit risk and loss. There is no excuse now a days for not being informed. Knowledge is everywhere and at your fingertips. I do things everyday towards accomplishing my goals and I don’t waste time on anything else that has nothing to do with their attainment.

I have arrived at this point in January of 2014. I started this journey in 2008. What a ride! If I can do this after going through everything I have gone through and fought through, so can you! There are no excuses. Remember, that no matter what, “Always, always, always move forward!” “Learn to heal from your past, become inspired, move forward and BE successful with your lives!” Amen!

Robert Serocki, Jr. was in the United States Marine Corps from 1988-92. During that time he was a Combat Engineer and a Scout Sniper. He graduated robert serocki picfirst in his class in Regimental Scout Sniper School. He fought on the front lines of the first Gulf War in 1990/91. Robert has a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, with an emphasis on Archaeology, from Arizona State University. He also studied Geology, Latin, Spanish, Business, and Psychological Anthropology. He was a robert serocki starprofessional archaeologist for the City of Phoenix for nearly 20 years. He was published in several Anthropological reports.Now he is a full time author and stock market investor. He has written two books, A line in the Sand and The Chrysalis about his experiences in the war and once he returned home. He is currently writing his third book about everything he has learned over the past 20 years dealing with adversity and trying to find a purpose to his life. He speaks from time to time at his local Veterans Administration Hospital to a creative writing group whose focus is to help veterans heal through writing. He also hosted a weekly radio show called 23rd Veteran which was a forum to discuss Veterans issues. Connnect with him further at: www.robertserocki.com


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