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Jared Lee Loughner

He didn't look like a particularly healthy guy, but they sold him an automatic in Tuscon. No mental status exam, apparently. Indigent, he bought a $500 gun. You have to wonder. How does that happen? 

Gabrielle Gifford is hurt and six others murdered, 19 injured.  Glock 9, an automatic weapon, in the hands of a "mentally unstable" person.  Holds a clip of 15.  The whole neighborhood knew he was "very troubled."

We're watching the morning news and my daughter asks me, Should the kids really be watching this? Vampires are okay, werewolves, fine. But reality is scary.

He left us notes:  I planned ahead.  My assassination.  Gifford.

Lest we give the credit to someone else. 

Assuming he suffers from Schizophrenia, Paranoid Type, the credit goes to the voices in his head that told him to do it. 

But voices don't buy anyone guns. Someone has to sell these. And the whole town knew he was a time bomb. They were afraid of him, he was so odd, so disturbed. Couldn't someone have reeled him in?

Supermarket parking lot, people there to meet their Congresswoman.  Nine year old, Christina Taylor-Green. Dorwan Stoddard.  Federal Judge, John M Roll, just leaving church.   Phyllis Schneck.  Gabe Zimmerman  Christina Taylor Green, Dorothy Morris.

And the Congresswoman, a gun owning Democrat who married an astronaut, loves motorcycles is clinging to life, a bullet through her head.   The Tuscon tragedy is associated with her politics, left of the tea party.  But the shooter was a liberal. 

Judy Clarke,  attorney of the indigent, including the Unabomber, Theodore Kaczynski,  and 1996 Olympic park bomber Eric Rudolph, and Susan Smith, the South Carolina mother convicted of drowning her two sons by allowing her car to roll into a lake with the two toddlers strapped in their car seats will be representing Loughner, who will likely be diagnosed as mentally ill. 

So far the assailant hasn't said anything.  That will be something, his statement, although it is unlikely he will make one. Maybe he doesn't suffer from Schizophrenia. The violence in this country isn't limited to people who have Schizophrenia, although these mass, public murders do seem to have that running theme.

If he has other reasons, we're all ears. Antisocial Personality Disorder, perhaps, associated with most criminals who feel no guilt. Or werewolf, maybe.


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