Messages of Hope for Survivors of Trauma – Part 1

Guest post by Gabrielle Marie Loomis

As an intuitive coach, healer, educator and survivor of complex developmental trauma, I have come to know personally and understand professionally that trauma masks our authentic selves – who we really are at our core. When we experience trauma, the connection to our power becomes temporarily lost and in its stead, we adopt compensatory personas, identities and personalities or what I call Core Trauma Patterns. These patterns are what ultimately keeps us stuck in PTSD, addictions, depression, anxiety or any other symptom or stress. But there is HOPE!

My company, Messages of Hope, LLC, has a mission of restoring hope to those who have experienced trauma. Today’s message is that each and every trauma survivor can experience the transformation from surviving to soaring. Through Trauma Recovery Coaching, Healing and Education, you can reawaken to your power and consequently your potential and purpose in life. If you are feeling stuck in your recovery process or are overwhelmed with where to begin – wherever you are in your recovery journey – please read on!

So let’s take a moment to explore exactly what are Core Trauma Patterns. CTP’s represent patterns of energy which manifest in body, mind and spirit at the moment of a traumatic event. Their sole purpose is to protect. When we experience a traumatic event, by definition, we are overwhelmed. The actual definition of trauma is “a single experience, or an enduring or repeating event or events, that completely overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope or integrate the ideas and emotions involved with that experience.” So when we find ourselves in an overwhelming experience (whether that’s physical or emotional), our minds and bodies do what they are designed to do and they protect. A part of us says, “If I stay present and conscious during this experience, I will surely die”. So in order to protect you and ensure your emotional and physical survival, your mind, body and spirit energetically disconnect. It’s as if a piece of you becomes denied, disconnected, lost, detached or broken. And in it’s place, you adopt a pattern of protection or CTP which might look like vowing to never be vulnerable again or to be invisible or to always be in control or to stay numb and not feel. Whatever the pattern of protection orCTP is, the important thing to understand is that it’s a part of you who is frightened and is doing the best it can to feel and be safe.

But here’s the piece most of us don’t understand…this part of you that just disconnected to save you knows full well that when you are safe, you are capable of once again reconnecting and being whole. And that’s the message of hope – you have the power and potential to once again be completely whole.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series in which we explore how to know if CTPs are affecting you. And I’ll give you a hint…if you’re experiencing symptoms and/or stress, you’re being affected by a Core Trauma Pattern. Lots of Love & Light…

Gabrielle is the founder and owner of Messages of Hope LLC whose mission is to restore hope to those who have experienced trauma.  Through coaching, healing and education, Gabrielle assists clients to discover, interpret and release Core Trauma Patterns so that they can move beyond survival into soaring!  Some of Gabrielle’s credentials include Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified LifeLine Practitioner and Certified Life Coach through the award winning college, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She is currently on staff at an integrative wellness clinic, sees clients privately and is a faculty member at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Gabrielle has been featured on Living Well Now radio and gives lectures and workshops around the country. For more information, please visit or

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