Messages of Hope for Survivors of Trauma – Part 3

Guest Post by Gabrielle Marie Loomis

So I hope as a result of reading the previous two posts in this series, you have come to understand some key truths about yourself. One, if you continue to experience physical symptoms, emotional stress or symptoms in mind/body/spirit, than you could have unresolved Core Trauma Patterns. Two, the existence of Core Trauma Patterns or CTPs lets you know that you are perfectly normal and and by resolving CTPs, it’s possible to experience greater freedom in your life and relationships.

Core Trauma Patterns hold the energy of traumatic experiences. The thoughts, feelings, beliefs and physiological patterns that were present at the time of the trauma become manifested as a CTP. By holding onto the energy of the trauma, you ensure that you stay safe and never experience it again. For example, if you were hit as a child whenever you spoke up for yourself, a CTPs might shut down your ability to speak up today thereby ensuring your will never be hit or shamed again.

It’s essential in our recovery that all parts of ourselves are addressed – mind (subconscious and conscious), body and spirit. Sometimes, when client’s first come to me they are frustrated to discover that CTPs are still in effect – they believe they have done everything possible to deal with their traumatic events. But what often happens is that some aspect of their recovery has not been addressed – they are missing pieces such as cellular memory, the sub-conscious mind and energetic balancing. So it’s not that they have been unsuccessful in their recovery efforts, but rather it hasn’t been complete. Just as we are complex and integrated beings, our approach to recovery and well- being must address each and every part of ourselves.

The first place to start is your lifestyle choices – the things you have direct control over. Do your best to make good choices for yourself – what you eat, what you drink, exercise, sleep, reduce stress and exposure to violence, meditate daily. Get support for your physical body with body work such as reiki, cranial sacral, massage, reflexology. Build a strong support system made up of people you can process things with – join a group such as CODA if you don’t have a built in support system with your family and friends. Work with askilled practitioner to help you release the energetic root of CTPs. Some great energy modalities are the LifeLine Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique and Healing Codes. I incorporate all of them into my work and encourage you to begin to use these tools on your own.

There is so much fascinating and wonderful research being done in the areas of psychoimmunology, epigenetics, energy psychology, cellular biology and other fields which provide models for how our mind and body can completely regenerate and be whole given the right environment. As an example, I’ve had many clients see their IBS type symptoms (bloating, gas, indigestion, nauseous), disappear when they address the undigested emotions relating to their trauma. And here’s the amazing part – they wouldn’t know that there was unresolved trauma if they didn’t have the IBS symptoms! Core Trauma Patterns create the bridge to healing. They show you where more healing is possible and therefore more peace, joy and well being. CTPs are not here to create pain and suffering – they are here to create freedom. They are here to deliver a message which will guide you in transforming the trauma, but only if you listen.

My company, Messages of Hope LLC has a mission of restoring hope to those who have experienced trauma. Today’s message of hope is that your Core Trauma Patterns (how you’ve reacted in mind/body/spirit to your traumatic events) are your roadmap to recovery. They are the very things which will bridge the gap from where you are in your life to where you want to be.

We’ll take a break next week for a special Veteran’s Day post and conclude the series on November 18.

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Gabrielle is the founder and owner of Messages of Hope LLC whose mission is to restore hope to those who have experienced trauma.  Through coaching, healing and education, Gabrielle assists clients to discover, interpret and release Core Trauma Patterns so that they can move beyond survival into soaring!  Some of Gabrielle’s credentials include Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Certified LifeLine Practitioner and Certified Life Coach through the award winning college, The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  She is currently on staff at an integrative wellness clinic, sees clients privately and is a faculty member at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.  Gabrielle has been featured on Living Well Now radio and gives lectures and workshops around the country. For more information, please visit or

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