Post Dramatic Trauma: Embracing the Future, Part 3

Guest post by James McWhinney

People are so busy worrying about the future that they neglect the present moment. For example, pay close attention next time you eat something that you really enjoy, whether that be chocolate, ice cream, or any other food. See how focused you are on the present moment. If you are like most people, once you’ve taken your initial bite, you will be thinking about the next bite. You will probably even think about getting a second serve before you’ve even finished your first bite. The same goes with money. No matter what we have we always want more, to the point that we neglect the goodness that can be found now. Even the world’s richest billionaires want more. We miss the full energy that the chocolate that we are eating now brings us through enjoyment and happiness, and instead place our thoughts on the future and miss out on this energy. And this doesn’t just stop with chocolate and money.

Human beings have become so entranced by what they want in the future that they neglect the wholeness of the present moment whatever they’re doing. For example, If you’re reading a book, driving your car, eating a meal or doing anything else mundane and your mind wanders off to thinking about what you are going to do at a later time, for example, what you are going to have for dinner that night, in that instant you miss out on the gift that the Universe is providing you in that moment – you miss out on receiving energy and growth that is provided to you in order to help you to fulfill your potential.

The energy that you give to the present moment determines the quality of your future. There is no such thing as an ordinary or mundane moment; every moment holds beauty, joy and energy for those who connect with it. The present moment provides you with the opportunity to build the foundations for a lifetime of fulfilled potential, whereas not being in the present moment restricts your life in many ways.

Achieve More

Being present allows you to do extraordinary things that you would never thought you were capable of. When your mind is cleared from clutter and connected to Universal Energy, nothing is impossible. You may often hear athletes talk about how they were ‘in the zone’ when they achieved outstanding results. ‘In the zone’ is nothing more than pure presence. The world’s greatest thinkers create their best work from a field of pure presence because creativity comes when the mind is quiet, present and energized. I know for certain that the times when I think of the best ideas are the times that I’ve have escaped the imprisonment of my mind and am fully present in whatever I’m doing.

You will bring yourself to the point where you will find joy and peace, regardless of what you do.  There is so much calmness within the present. There are no problems and no stresses in the present.

Whenever you catch yourself drifting into thoughts about the past or future, remind yourself to shift your focus to the present moment. Where possible, integrate the lessons from the past and your awareness of the future into the present moment.

Begin embracing life now. With life so impermanent and limited by time, I implore you to stop avoiding the things that you really want to do. Don’t let the struggle of the past have any power over you. Live the life that your innermost self wants you to live. Take the lessons that the past has gifted you with, embrace the future and follow the deep drive within you to fully express yourself in every aspect of your life.

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