Post Dramatic Trauma: Embracing Your Past, Part 2

Guest post by James McWhinney

Sometimes for those who have suffered with post traumatic stress and lack energy at the deepest emotional level, the only way to reenergize and reconnect to a life of happiness, love and fulfillment is to go back into your past, to the very moment that you were born, and discover that everything in your life has always had purpose and meaning behind it. The world is mighty purposeful; everything and everyone is connected. You can live with the stance that everything that happens in this world is random or coincidental, or you can take the spiritual position that everything happens for a reason. I need more than the space of this blog to philosophize this topic in detail, so i’ll keep it short.

Look around you. Every single thing you see has a purpose. The computer you’re reading this from, the chair you sit in, even the food that you just ate. All of these things have their purpose. And so do you. And so does everything that happens in your life. Within every single event that has ever occurred in your life lie the seedlings of a great lesson. The bad times have just as many lessons to offer you as the good times.

Run through your mind anything that has stopped you from being the person who you want to be. Think of any negative, bad, painful or sad events and situations in your life that have created anger, grief, pain, resentment or guilt. It is my belief that each of these situations were  created to help you grow – even if it takes you many years to yield the lesson that your Higher Power is teaching you. Each of these events offer lessons that provide you with the strength that is required for you to fulfill your unique purpose.

What you must realize is that the past is gone. Incessantly thinking about the past will generally only ferment your anger, guilt, shame or resentment from things that you wish had not happened. Once you’ve learnt it’s lessons, thinking about the past generally cannot provide you with any real benefits. The past is gone. It is now time to realize that whatever happened in the past had meaning behind it and that it has shaped you to be the great person that you are today. Likewise, incessantly thinking about the mind-made illusion of the future will generally only bring your worry, anxiety, stress and fear.

Your ego – the fear based part of your mind – is strengthened when you give more energy and attention to the past and future than the present. Your ego will always try to stop you from being in the present by creating perceived problems in the past and future because it knows that it will lose its power over you if you are present. Constantly being in the present defeats the ego because it simply cannot survive when you are focused on now. The only control you have over the future is the level of presence that you bring to this current moment.

Connecting with energy will create joy now and in the future, whereas losing energy now will create a disappointing future. You will lose energy in every moment if you are not present. If you are not present you will be a poor parent, friend, employee and partner because you cannot give yourself fully to something if your thoughts and energy are elsewhere.

I want you to take a moment to think about your troubles from the past. Think about the lessons that you can take from such experiences. If you search intently, you will find some amazing lessons that allow you to grow into a stronger, better person. Everything always has and always will happen for a reason – for a much greater purpose than the human brain will ever be able to process. Release any emotions that are preventing you from expressing your truest authentic self by seeing the greatness and the wholeness of the amazing process of life.

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