Post Dramatic Trauma: Live in the Present Moment – Part 1

By James McWhinney

Being present is one of the most effective means of creating a fulfilling life. This might sound simplistic, and maybe it is; if you’re present, you can connect with energy and joy no matter what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in your office at work, walking down the street or talking to a friends – beauty, energy and joy can be found in any moment. The mind needs to be still and free of thought in order to connect with the energy that every moment has to offer us. Within every single moment lies a gift for us to discover, and when we are present we can take what the moment provides us with, but when we aren’t present, we miss out on what the world is trying to give to us because we are consumed by the ego – the fear based voice in our minds – and its demands.

In a purely spiritual sense, stilling your mind allows Universal Energy/God/The Divine/Whatever you want to name it to flow through you, thus allowing every thought and action that you make to be an expression of your Highest Self, whereas if you don’t allow Universal Energy to flow through you all of your thoughts and actions will be an expression of  the fears of your ego. Beauty is all around us – being present allows us to connect with it and soak it all in. Most people spend the majority of their time thinking about the past or future and neglect the now. Meanwhile, their minds are filled with thoughts and emotions that generally only lower their energy. Connecting to the present moment allows you to operate from a field of love, whereas not being present causes you to act from a field of fear.

To take this a step further, you simply cannot enjoy anything anywhere near as much as possible when you’re stressed, and the only way you will ever become stressed is if you are not aligned with the present moment. Stress comes from opposing and resisting rather than accepting and embracing the present moment. For example, we become stressed when another driver cuts us off because we resist that action. We become stressed when we’ve got a pile of work on our desk because we don’t want this to be the case. Stress is caused from opposing rather than embracing such examples.

Of course, it is imperative that you plan your life to create attainable goals and work towards building a life that you want, but in doing so your emphasis must be on what you can do moment to moment. The quality of each of these moments determines the quality of your future.

When you allow your mind to feel anger, guilt, shame, resentment, worry, anxiety, stress or fear, you are absent to the beauty of the now. And right now – no matter what you’re doing – this moment is beautiful. You’re alive.

As you become present you begin to release the importance that you previously placed on getting things done. Instead of continually focusing on finishing a goal and reaching a destination or thinking about your troubles from the past, you allow yourself to be lost in the joy of the journey, the present moment, the now. You will do things because you simply enjoy the ‘doing’ instead of what will come at the end. Instead of being focused on where you are going, your focus shifts to enjoying every moment of the journey.

Being present allows you to do extraordinary things that you would never thought you were capable of. When your mind is cleared from clutter and connected to Universal Energy, nothing is impossible. You may often hear athletes talk about how they were ‘in the zone’ when they achieved outstanding results. ‘In the zone’ is nothing more than pure presence. The world’s greatest thinkers create their best work from a field of pure presence because creativity comes when the mind is quiet, present and energized. I know for certain that the times when I think of the best ideas are the times that I’ve have escaped the imprisonment of my mind and am fully present in whatever I’m doing.

Presence Exercise

Stop what you are doing for a moment, sit up straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Breathe deeply. Don’t think, just focus on inhaling and exhaling for five breaths. Once you have done this, individually place your focus on each of your senses.

  • Focus on what you can hear.
  • Focus on what you can smell.
  • Focus on the darkness at the back of your eyelids.
  • Focus on your body.
  • Sense the calm that flows through your body as soon as your focus shifts from the past or future to the present moment.

Your fears for the future and your anger from the past hold absolutely no power over you when you’re focused on the now. Noticing your breath – no matter what you’re doing – brings you to the present moment. Also, noticing the energy that runs through your body anchors you in the present moment. Feel the energy of your inner body as often as you remember. This allows you to be fully aware of everything so that you may make peace with the present moment. Making peace with the present moment erases all problems. Watch your breath, feel the silence and stillness. This creates stillness in you.

When you are present, nothing can steal your energy. It doesn’t matter how rude someone is to you, it doesn’t matter if you’ve just crashed your car or if your house has been robbed, none of these will ever affect you if you are fully present because you can see each event has its purpose as part of the connected whole. When you are present there simply are no problems.

When you are present, it’s not what you do that brings you joy, it’s the energy that connects you to Universal Intelligence that allows you to feel joy. To be alive is to be in the now. Life becomes amazing when you view the world not through the eyes of the past or the future, but the eyes of now. When you can bring yourself to be constantly living in the now, you simply will enjoy every moment of your life. You’ll feel a deep spiritual connection with the world and allow the power of the Energy to flow through you.

Constantly ask yourself what your relationship with the present moment is. This moment is all you ever have. The past is gone and is now a memory. The future is a mind made illusion which you have only very limited control over. If everything that you do is focused on this moment you will discover an extraordinary life. Be present, connect with the energy all around you and feel the awe and wonder that this magnificent world has to offer.

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