PTSD Professional Perspective: Envisioning Your Life

There are a lot of theories about how to change your thoughts, habits and beliefs. What if you had a simple 6-step plan that you could follow to organize the process of conquering the past and creating your future? Today, Deborah Hill delivers just that….

Envisioning Your Lifedeborah

Imagine that you’ve decided to travel. You’ve marked the time off on your calendar and are excited to go. What will you need to do to prepare for your trip? I assume there are people who just go to the airport or train station and buy a ticket to some destination. They have no plans or intentions for the trip. It’s an “anything goes” scenario. And, anything goes. They get whatever comes their way.

However, if you’re like me you take a different approach. You first decide where you’re going to go. How long will you be there? What will you see? How will you get there and where will you stay? You’ll check out the climate to so you know what to bring with you. By the time you leave you have a good understanding of what to expect and can imagine or visualize what you’ll do and see on your vacation. This planning and visualization helps you to create the type of trip you’ll have. Barring unforeseen circumstances your plans will be fairly accurate and you’ll have the vacation you’ve dreamed of..

You plan your vacations but do you plan your life? Have you planned your year? What do you want to do within the next year? Do you know what you want to have happen to you? Do you know where you want to go and what you want to do? Planning and visioning your life is as important – even more so – than planning your vacation. Going through the process of creating a Vision Board is an excellent means of planning and visualizing your life. Below is a summary of the steps that you’ll need to take to do so.

Why does planning and visioning work? Einstein revealed to us that everything is energy moving at different rates, including human bodies. Matter is merely energy moving slow enough to be detected by the five human senses. Our thoughts are energetic signals that pulsate through our brains, sending waves of energy through and around us. Our beliefs are repetitive, energetic thought patterns. These belief “thought patterns” significantly influence our lives.

What we think and believe is reflected in the energy inside and surrounding us. We create whatever we believe and think. You can use your thoughts to make what you want in your life happen for you. There are six steps that you can take to get what you want:

1. Really want something.

Remember when you were a kid? “Wanting” came naturally to you. Want something now. Feel it. Taste it. Don’t hold back. Let the thoughts of what you want free flow. The strength of your desire will fuel the signal that you send out into the world.

2. Define it clearly.

Next, define exactly what it is you want. Be very specific. The world around us has a lot to offer. The possibilities are endless. It helps a lot to be clear when you’re asking for something. You probably wouldn’t walk into a department store and say, “I want some new clothes.”  You’d have to tell the salesperson exactly what you’re looking for. For example, “I’d like a pair of black sweat pants, size medium, light-weight, machine washable and less than $60.” It’s important to define all of your desires clearly.

3. Clear your resistance to having it.

Your thinking and beliefs may not support your wants and needs. If your thinking and beliefs are contrary to your desires you will cancel out the desires. You will prevent what you want from coming to you.

In order to be the magnet that attracts what you want your beliefs must support your needs, dreams and desires. For example, I had a client who asked for prosperity and abundance in her life. She was tired of being poor and struggling paycheck to paycheck. When we spoke it became clear that she believed that wealthy people are arrogant and self-indulgent. I pointed out that it would be difficult to attract wealth if she believed she was going to become that type of person. She needed to reevaluate her belief and bust it before she could allow herself to have more money.

If you aren’t getting what you want look at how you may be standing in your own way with limiting beliefs and thoughts. Clear your resistance.

4. Ask for it.

There are many ways of asking for what you want. You can pray, meditate, write it down, tell people about it, scream it from a mountaintop. However you do it, be sure that you’ve opened the path to receiving what you want by asking for it.

5. Visualize having it

Here is where a Vision Board becomes an important tool. Once you’ve defined, cleared and asked for what you want you need to see it happening for you. A Vision Board helps you do this.

Cut out photos, pictures and words that most reflect what it is you want. Don’t overdo it or it will look confusing. Narrow down your selections so they most clearly reflect and express what you want. Tape these to a medium-sized board. Mount the board somewhere where you’ll see it often. Viewing the board will lend power to your projection. You can change these words and graphics, as you need to. Your vision will be as fluid as your life.

6. Let go and have faith that it will come

The above technique is almost magical. If you believe it will work for you it will.  You’ve defined your trip, planned it, visualized it – you’re packed and ready to go. Know that the energy that you project will be mirrored back to you and you’ll receive all that you desire. Let it go, let it happen and you’ll be living the life you will be shortly living the life you dreamed.



Tricia Molloy and I are co-teaching a Vision Board Workshop that will help you to take these ideas deeper and project your desires more clearly. This workshop will launch your transformational process to create your dream life.  For more information or to sign up go to:

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