PTSD Professional Perspective: Personal Accountability

We can feel so out of control and powerless in PTSD, but that is just an illusion. Today, Jean Adrienne suggests how you can move from illusion to truth…

Personal Accountability

“Life is not accountable to us. We are accountable to life.”
Denis Waitley

One of the predominant themes surfacing during my journaling and meditation is personal accountability – being a good steward of one’s resources and gifts.  God provides for all of creation.  Therefore, as we become conscious of our own creations, which are everything in our reality, we gain responsibility for being the steward of each one of them. This is my favorite example of personal accountability.

Additionally, if you accept that your thoughts are creative-in that everything you think starts in motion the magnetizing of the object of that thought to you-then this will make more sense to you. (If you don’t agree, or if you have never been taught the Universal Law of Correspondence-thoughts and words that create manifestations in the material world, “as above, so below”-now is a good time to ponder this concept.)  In some respects, these creations of ours are like our children.  Awaiting us to nurture them, they stick to us. They continue to follow us around regardless of whether they were conscious creations or products of mindless muttering.

Within a matter of minutes, the object of a seemingly inconsequential thought will often manifest.  For this reason, being diligent, responsible and accountable for everything we think or say is more important than ever.  Steve Rother is a channel for a group of angels who call themselves only The Group. ( Their message is one of love, peace and consciousness raising.  In a recent channel of The Group, we were told that we own any thought that we hold in our minds for seven seconds. In other words, you have that brief period of time to realize what you are thinking and, therefore, to say, “Erase! Erase!” In fact, manifestation is happening more quickly every day, so the gift of seven seconds of grace is diminishing as you read these pages. Be conscious of your thoughts! They are becoming….

Let’s relate that point to our interactions with the children in our lives-human kids and pets. If we nurture them with love, they grow in love. If you treat them badly, they behave like they are trained.  For another analogy, this is like choosing the appropriate fertilizer for the lawn. If we want more green, we add fertilizer that is high in nitrogen.  If we have weeds, we get Roundup!

Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players….” The truth is that we are the directors and producers of this play that is our life.  We write the script.  We hire the actors.  We create the sets.  We have the right to be respected, even loved by the actors we have hired to fulfill the various roles in our plays. If they don’t behave the way we want them to, then it is our responsibility to counsel them to play the role to our satisfaction or fire and replace them! We can additionally rewrite the script any time we choose by changing our thoughts!


There are no victims. That is one of the world’s oldest illusions, designed to keep us from owning our power.  If someone appears to be persecuting you, the responsible act is to examine your own beliefs to find the source of that persecution.  Shift the source and the whole scenario will change. Here is a diagram which shows just how this plays out in our lives:

Most of us exist within the Triangle of Fear and Control for no other reason than we’ve always lived with that illusion. In this scenario, the energy is one of fear, the action is about control of our circumstances, and the timeframe is either the past or the future-definitely not in the present moment.  With a perception that is fraught with worry about what might happen or what others might think, we constantly look outside ourselves for the answers. This is the space where a victim views possible choices.

Depending upon the circumstance, we can play alternating roles in the triangle game.  One time, we might be a victim; in another scene, we could be the persecutor to a weaker person. In the next moment, we may become the rescuer.

If you are stuck in the Triangle of Fear and Control, you have given up your power to people and situations outside yourself.

You have allowed another to influence how you feel. Why would any of us want someone else to have that level of control of our reality? The opposite perspective is the Circle of Surrender. The moment that you realize that you have relinquished control is the point at which you have the power to stop the madness. This awareness can happen only within you. Additionally, it can take place only when you take responsibility for creating your own life. When you are wide wake enough to take responsibility, you are also in the perfect space to examine yourself. This is when you will find the answers which propel you into the present moment and back to your personal power core: the Circle of Surrender.

The ability to stay in the present moment and look inward for our answers toward our God-self is a place of power–    the cradle of conscious creation.

Energetically triggered by gratitude, conscious creation can occur only in the present.  Moving from the Triangle of Control to the Circle of Surrender is always possible by bringing the attention inward and letting go by surrendering the situation to God.  When we reach this point, a profound feeling of peace enters our field.

Be aware, however, that if we have been deeply steeped within the cycle of the triangle, we may need to repeat the act of surrender momentarily to hold the energy.

Another way to move from the Illusion to the Truth is by giving thanks.  Starting with the prayer of Jabez from the Bible, I made some alterations to form a prayer of gratitude.  I repeat it many times throughout the day whenever I feel myself slipping into fear and control.  Here’s what I say:

“Thank you, God, for blessing me, indeed, and enlarging my territories.  Thank you for placing your hands always upon me, keeping me from evil that I might not cause pain.”

Stopping to be mindful and grateful for even the smallest gifts in your life will raise your vibration and move you off the treadmill that triangle creates.

Jean Adrienne is an author, teacher and the creator of InnerSpeak, a tool to assist you in releasing the thoughts and beliefs that keep you stuck and unable to move forward to create the reality you desire and deserve. She had a weekly internet radio show on Her website is

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