PTSD Professional Perspective: Survivor to Hero

Last night on YOUR LIFE AFTER TRAUMA, David Anderson spoke about how we can use our sensitivity to move us from survivor to hero. (Did you miss last night’s episode about how being a Highly Sensitive Person can impact your trauma and recovery experience? No sweat, you can listen to the post-trauma and being highly sensitive audio here!)

Today, David shares his story, philosophy and ideas about a topic I think is very important: shifting from powerLESS to powerFUL. No matter what you call it — survivor to hero, victim to victor, etc. — we all must make that shift in order to heal. I believe each and every one of us has the potential to make such a shift. It’s just a matter of finding the path that works for you….

Your Life After Trauma: Survivor to Hero

When I look back at my own hero story and examine why it took me so long to heal from I can now see the plan laid out. That kind of perspective is really wonderful…and while part of me always wanted to know the purpose of all the pain and “why me” when I was in my victim moments….I don’t know if I would have consciously been able to handle knowing all that I would be doing now years later because of the traumas in my life that gave me such amazing opportunities to grow. If you are a victim or survivor, know this…you have been chosen by life to be more, and you WILL get through this.

‘The Survivor To Hero™ Programs were designed to help people recover from life traumas, like PTSD while simultaneously rebuild their life from a new hero perspective rather then the victim or survivor perspective. I was frustrated with previous paradigms address bits and pieces and in many ways limited the growth of trauma survivors. My friends and clients had been attracted to me because they wanted the peace and powerful light that I had and asked me to teach them what had worked for me. Thus I shared little tools bits and pieces until I realized this single and central idea. All Heroes ARE Survivors, but not all Survivors are Heroes.

My core message deep within my heart is that it is time to shift how we think about victims and survivors. Being a survivor is a skill-set forged by trials and fire…it is not who you are. You are a Hero and being a survivor is just something you are skilled at doing. The bad things that happened to you are not fair, right or just they can however be used to help you grow to be a powerful person of change in your own life AND the world.

We turn negatives into positives.

Growing up in the country I heard this phrase a lot. You give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or You can teach a man to fish and feed him for life. The hero models (The Awakened Hero Series), which are the corner stone of all the Survivor To Hero™ Programs is combination of this idea, and helps people recover from PTSD by working in three distinct ways. But first a brief disclaimer, you can completely recover from PTSD with just these principle without using the models or the ARMORED process. The models and the ARMORED process are simply my modalities of helping people recover and start living the lives they want and bringing the change to the world faster.

The first way is that they are problem solving tools that can be used in the moment with any problem that work with various personality styles. Next they teach resilience to trauma and nurture the survivors natural compassion for others (which often develops even more deeply because of a pervious trauma); thus we turn your weaknesses and often wounds into strengths while you gain momentum that continues to foster positivity and support for you as you move through previous and potential new traumas.

Lastly, they do something that I have yet to see in any other program or modality, which his help you make a difference in the lives of others and teach you how be that beacon of light and hope in dark and challenging situations. From that idea I took the hero models to the next step with my ARMORED Hero bootcamp, which is a 7 week lifestyle bootcamp in which you practice the models while cleaning up your life, figure out your mission and take steps to bring your change to the world.

Again the most important message I have for those recovering from PTSD is that there is hope and you do not have to stay stuck! You are not your trauma, you are not simply survivors of something. You ARE the hero of tomorrow! Survivors of trauma of any sort, especially PTSD develop a deep sense of compassion for others and the world needs heroes that understand what it’s like to experience the pain and loss you have.

I have a challenge to all survivors out there. Break the cycle of being a survivor and start living and being a hero. What if your gift to survive meant that you were put on this earth to help bring love and light to others and help them do the same?

In Love and Light, David “StarrTouch” Anderson MA NCC CPC RYT

David Anderson is a National Certified Counselor trained in Trauma, Disaster Mental Health and Professional Coaching. As a survivor himself he has great amount of empathy and compassion for survivors and heroes that are changing the world. He holds bachelor of science degrees in Psychology and Communication Studies and a Graduate degree in Community Counseling. Additionally professionally he worked has been a jack of all trades and worked in Retail, Politics, Information Technology, and now currently resides in the Washington D.C. Metro area where he runs he helps train heroes in his coaching business and teaches yoga.

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