PTSD Professional Perspective: The Battle Within, Part 7

Every once in a while I meet another professional who does two things that I deeply admire:

  • believes that we can heal from PTSD symptoms
  • figures out ways to help us overcome posttraumatic stress syndrome that empower us along the way

Mike Blackstone is one of those professionals and it’s really been my pleasure to have him guest post with two series on this blog (let’s hope he comes up with a third!). Today, he concludes his ‘The Battle Within’ series with thoughts for your future. As Mike suggests: Imagine. Act. Experiment.

Creating Your Life From Here: My Personal Message and Encouragement to YouInner Conflict, The Battle Within

If you have been reading my series, and you suffer with inner conflict, my heart goes out to you. If you were sitting right here in front of me, I would listen to you, and I would know some of your pain. I would also be inspired by you telling your story. And I would know the possibility—even if in that moment you didn’t—of your future life. If you were willing, I would help. That is what this series of articles has been about for me, though I didn’t have you there with me. As Michele says so often, I believe in you.

Although it may be difficult to imagine right now, the possibility is truly there for you to genuinely like who you are, to enjoy being with yourself, to laugh at your own humor, maybe even… fall in love.

There is More Than One Way to Resolve Inner Conflict

An inner reconciliation of internal conflict can be accomplished more than one way. Sometimes it can happen spontaneously, spurred by a special event or a realization. Sometimes a mid-life crisis can do it. Reading and using others’ methods can do it. There are three I recommend. Hale Dwoskin and his Sedona Method, and book of the same name, is of great value. John Demartini, and his book, The Breakthrough Experience, have helped me. Reading Michele Rosenthal’s web site regularly, right here, or working with her personally could be your key. You just bring your unshakeable resolve, determination, and act! Keep making decisions to experiment. Never quit.

I’ve outlined in this series a method, Split Circuitry Integration®, I have used with many hundreds of people for them to get peace within themselves first, and then get on to the real business of thoughtfully creating their lives the way they want them.

If you had difficulty following the articles and doing it on your own, there is yet another way. Find a well-recommended NLP Master Practitioner in your area and ask them if they are experienced with “Parts Integration” (which is similar to the Split Circuitry Integration I have offered in these articles). If they are, they can help guide you through an Inner Reconciliation. You could refer them to these articles re: Split Circuitry Integration to get the added features of this method. They will know what to do with it.

What Now?

If you have attained some measure of inner peace, whether through the method in this series or some other way, you are ready to create the changes you want in yourself and your life. I want to share with you my secret for creating personal change powerfully and effectively. The key is to make daily committed decisions around anything you want, and act on them. Here is a short version of how to do that so your decisions have effect.

Making Daily Committed Decisions

Step 1: Make your committed decision before you go to bed at night, and say it out loud so your right hemisphere (identity) can hear it and contribute to its successful unfolding. Now, the following is very important: make your committed decision—be determined—even if you have no idea how you are going to pull it off. You do not have to know in advance how you are going to accomplish it, to accomplish it. In fact, you will be even more successful if you do not know.

Step 2: Decide on a small first step that you could do the next day that would begin to move you in the direction of your decision, and say that out loud. It is very important you select a small first step and do not try to figure it out any further than that first step. If you try to figure it out beyond the first step, you will actually hurt your chances of success.

Step 3: Then surrender the successful unfolding of your committed decision to your sub-conscious mind, your right hemisphere (your other identity). Your job is only to make the decision and hold the intention for a successful outcome. Your right hemisphere is much better equipped than you to handle the details of its unfolding.

The next day, you will find yourself carrying out the first step naturally and easily. Once you accomplish the first step, that will illuminate the next step. Trust and follow your impulses. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised by coincidences supporting your decision. You will slowly but relentlessly see your life unfold the way you want it to.

This works—magnificently—often magically. I call this method the Butterfly Code. To find out more about how to make this work for you, follow this link to the 7-part series, also on this web site, Project Butterfly Code®:

If you’d like to contact me with questions about this series, email me at [email protected], or comment on this article. I will respond.

Copyright © 2011 by Michael Blackstone

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