PTSD Professional Perspective: Working with Energy, Part 1

For most of us (actually, every survivor I’ve ever spoken to who’s overcome PTSD) recovery from symptoms of posttraumatic stress syndrome requires more than just the traditional talk therapy. You all know I went outside of the traditional post stress disorder recovery box with eight alternative therapies until I found the two that finally led me to freedom. Each of us has the task of researching and discovering what methods resonate with us, make us feel safe and secure, and allow us to do the work of healing in ways that feel comfortable. Today’s guest post author works with energy fields — another one of the many alternative methods that you can choose from.

Dan and I have been friends for many years. We watch sports on TV, drink simonbeer, and throw darts at my neighbour’s place. He listened to me talk about my work, but he was sceptical, and wasn’t interested in having a treatment. Dan suffers with depression, post traumatic stress disorder, obesity, and he has prolapsed discs in his back. Despite being heavily medicated, and seeing a psychiatrist for many years he ended up being admitted to hospital with severe depression. After this he reluctantly came to see me.

When I work I’m able to see the energy field/fields radiating from, or overlaid over the clients body. I see clearer with my eyes closed and in this way I see the physical body as the centre of an energy wave that ebbs and flows in all directions. The field appears to be liquid-light, and as I’m working the consistency and movement in the field harmonises.

I record disharmony/illness in the field and the body as a shadow. This shadow can look, feel, and taste like ash, oil, wax, and anything else you can imagine. It can be crystallised around or within the body, it can rise like steam, be bubble shaped, and again, be anything you can imagine.

I also see spirit and angels in the room. With my eyes open they materialise in my peripheral vision, and if I turn towards them they disappear, but when my eyes are closed they become as real as everything else I’m seeing.

Think of the vibrations/frequencies of illness and injury as listening to an infinite number of poorly tuned radio stations. Every spirit, angel, moment of consciousness I experience is fine tuning the frequency. If a surgeon is needed, one in spirit appears. Separate the notion of a physical surgeon and envisage the knowledge all surgeons, living and dead, have/had. That knowledge is present now; it’s in this word, this [email protected], the building you’re in, human cells, emotions, thoughts, … (fill the gap).

Consider walking into a room where an argument has taken place. Most of us will feel disconcerted, but we can’t identify what’s bothering us. Something doesn’t feel right; we’re now guarded and alert; we react. The vibration of physical and emotional illness works the same way. In this case the body reacts: chemical changes, neurological responses, stress, pain, and the onset of illness. If I’m going to strike you I’ll affect your energy field first. If I don’t hit you I still influence your field with intent. Surround yourself with people who care.

Next week we’ll read about Dan’s treatment. Until then, to learn more you can check out:

Simon is  a full time healer and medium. Passionate about writing and facilitating change Simon lives in Qld Australia and works for the world.

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