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Hi all. Natasha Tracy here with a couple of meta Bipolar Burble blog updates on commenting, rss, mobile browsing and sharing by email.

Commenting Rules on the Bipolar Burble Blog

I have recently created a page outlining the rules for commenting on the Bipolar Burble blog. I never wanted to do this. I wanted a shiny, happy blog where people could discuss openly and honestly their feelings. But yes, I'm aware this is the internet and such desires generally go unfulfilled.

A Safe Space for Anyone with, or Anyone who Loves a Person with, a Mental Illness

The Bipolar Burble blog has always had sensitive material on it and I've always wanted it to be a safe space for people. This is a place to come to learn and talk to others who are like you. This is a place for rational discussion. This is not a place of acrimony. This is not a place of hate.

Rules for Commenting on the Bipolar Burble BlogI'm Sorry for the Hate and Stigma Seen Here

And in part this is a mea culpa. I've been letting too much hatred onto the Burble. I've done it because I believe in free speech and free discussion. I've done it because I can take some abuse and still be OK. I've done it because I understand how high people's feelings run on these topics and that passion can overrun the better judgement of normally reasonable human beings. I've been trying to make allowances.

And I don't like moderating people. I don't like asking people to leave. I don't like having to be the mommy or referee.

But I'll do it to protect what I have built here. And while I know 99% of people are wonderful, reasonable, respectful, caring human beings, I have to make explicit the rules for the other 1%.

What I've Learned about Free-Speech and Hate

And I’ve learned something: I don’t have to allow people to come here, abuse me and others, just to prove how evenhanded and fair I am. I am fair. I am evenhanded. I don't have to prove that to anyone.

I don’t have to put up with hate. I won’t. This isn’t a democracy. If you don’t like it here, feel free to start your own blog.

Rules for Commenting on the Bipolar Burble Blog

A page listing the rules for commenting can be found under the "bipolar blog" link above. For your reference:

  1. Comments must be on-topic. If it isn’t related to the article or another relevant subject, I’ll just remove it. This includes personal conversations. If you want a back-and-forth with someone else about how they’re horrible, go somewhere else.
  2. Don’t name call. It’ll get you warned the first time and then it’ll get your comments deleted until you calm down.
  3. Don’t be abusive. Yes, I get it, group A is evil, group B is the devil, whatever. If you’re too nasty and acrimonious I’ll have to moderate you.
  4. Don’t make other accounts. Believe me, I’ll know. I’m likely to ban you for this.
  5. Don’t scream and yell. This means no typing in caps all over the place. It’s just good manners people.

People are free to disagree with me and others. People are free to disagree vehemently. But if you can’t do this like a rational adult, you can’t do it here.


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