The Gap Coach: Part 2

Guest Post by: Suzanna Axisa

This week we continue our series “The Gap Coach” from  Part 1

profileWhereas its’ suggestions initially provoked a “where did that come from?”, time has proved its infallible wisdom. Trust is no longer an issue because my intuition’s gentle, fleeting voice has brought me the ideas that led to my healing, like the ones below.

• Reflect. Choose somewhere quiet – in nature or your favourite chair – and relax for 5-10 minutes. Relive a happy event in detail until you are smiling, then let your thoughts go where they want. Your intuition will bring you ideas for how to improve your current situation and create a bright future, if you make this a daily habit. But make sure you act on those ideas and don’t let your inner critic talk you out of them. • Daydream, and collect pictures that portray the success you believe is yours. Take 5-20 minutes each day to daydream about your future in as much detail as possible. Your pictures will help you imagine in detail what it will sound, taste, smell, feel and look like. Who will be in it with you? Do this every day, even on bad days – then just do what you can. No excuses! Epigenetics proves the power of our thoughts, so balance those that are trauma-based with happy ones whenever possible. And combine your daydreaming and reflecting practice if you like. • Do what you love as often as you can. Be it something that needs money and organisation, like a holiday, or something that doesn’t, like laughing with a friend. You’ll find yourself taking longer and longer strides away from trauma. • Been there. Done that. Find a therapist who has “been there ….” with an unshakeable faith in your ability to release your trauma too. Your body will tell you who’s right for you. Then just relax in their trust and confidence. It’s contagious! • Boost your energy. Does a tree panic in Winter because its’ leaves have fallen? Spend as much time in nature as possible and absorb its energy of positive acceptance, serenity and creativity. • Spot your powerlessness. Helplessness and hopelessness have no place on a volcano, so I banished mine by imagining myself climbing Etna. I learned how to spot when I was about to emotionally fall into the boiling lava and developed a list of small actions that would help me avoid this by bringing me back down the volcano to safety: make a cup of tea, clean my teeth, cuddle my cat or read a paragraph of a favourite book. Tiny, pleasurable actions are powerful lava protectors! • Say goodbye to emotional stings. I believe that difficulties serve our growth and that unresolved difficulties in one lifetime are recreated in another until they are resolved. Past life regression is a superb way of spotting unresolved difficulties. I’ve done so many of them now that, once I’m aware of a reaction to something that constantly creates difficulties for me, I get a flash of the past life which caused it. Cellular release occurs immediately because I don’t need to be reminded anymore, which, in turn, radically reduces the severity of my current difficulties. • Invest your time in something that will take you in the direction of your dreams. It might be difficult to accept that a tough day can be a great investment, but it is. Whenever pain surfaces for healing give yourself time out: to cry, watch a film, be in nature or talk to a friend or therapist. Giving your body the time it needs to release always enhances your ability to access your innate wisdom and acceptance. It also makes it much easier to reframe painful events, because your cellular memory now has space to store more empowering beliefs and memories. • Do a trauma family constellation. Prof Franz Ruppert’s work, is a very effective Energy Psychology trauma practice. If you don’t feel ready to work on your own issues, being a representative in someone else’s trauma constellation brings you significant benefits and costs almost nothing. And you’ll be amazed at how strong and healthy your intuition is! • Create a virtual team of experts. The Internet is full of highly qualified caring professionals who can help. Read their blogs or subscribe to their newsletter and save the ones that really resonate with you. As the radio host of all things intuitive intelligence I’ve done some great interviews with remarkable and expert caring professionals. And I’m doing my part this year by posting the best ones on my website.

The simplest things brought this alchemist out of survival mode and into “thrive” mode. In guiding me through every stage of my healing, my intuition has taught me that, even when I thought my pain had killed it, it was alive and well and protecting my dreams. And I can now see that my life is so much bigger and brighter than the young me could imagine: full of exciting possibilities for my “magical” intuition to turn to gold!.

May the alchemist in you trust your magic too!

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