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Diphenhydramine ( Allerdryl, Benadryl, Dytuss )

Diphenhydramine is a sedative and antihistamine.Diphenhydramine is used frequently as a sleeping pill. This drug is also given to people with Parkinson's disease to decrease stiffness and tremors. It can also be used in the treatment of cough,drug-induced Parkinson's,motion sickness,mucositis from radiation therapy, and the common cold.

Diphenhydramine hydrochloride, is an antihistamine drug having the chemical name 2-(Diphenylmethoxy)-N,N-dimethylethylamine hydrochloride and has the empirical formula C17H21NO·HCl. It occurs as a white, crystalline powder and is freely soluble in water and alcohol and has a molecular weight of 291.82.

Each diphenhydramine HCl capsule contains 25 mg or 50 mg diphenhydramine hydrochloride for oral administration.

Each Benadryl 25-mg capsule also contains lactose, NF and magnesium stearate, NF. The capsule shell and/or band contains D&C red No. 28; FD&C blue No. 1; FD&C red No. 3; FD&C red No. 40; gelatin, NF; colloidal silicon dioxide, NF; and sodium lauryl sulfate, NF.

Each Benadryl 50-mg capsule also contains confectioner's sugar, NF and talc, USP. The capsule shell and/or band contains FD&C blue No. 1; FD&C red No. 3; gelatin, NF; glyceryl monooleate; colloidal silicon dioxide, NF; sodium lauryl sulfate, NF; and titanium dioxide, USP.

Each 5 ml of diphenhydramine HCl elixir contains 12.5 mg diphenhydramine HCl with 14% alcohol for oral administration.

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