Powerful Positive Thinking: Thoughts Plus Action


Self-respect, better relationships, addressing problems when they are small, and acknowledging small accomplishments need to be in our thoughts but also reflected in our behavior.

It’s true that our emotions and feelings are colored by how we think, and thinking positively works best when it is accompanied by action.

Positive thoughts combined with creative problem-solving, inspiration, and a realistic assessment of personal strengths help us create a satisfying life.

Thought Energy is Powerful

“Thoughts, the mind’s energy, directly influence how the physical brain controls the body’s physiology. Thought 'energy' can activate or inhibit the cell’s function-producing proteins,” writes research biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD.

Though Lipton’s quote points to the power of our thoughts, we have two minds that we live with; each has its own influence.

We have a subconscious mind that responds to life’s events according to instinct and acquired habits. Our second mind—the conscious, creative one—can choose how we think or what thoughts we will entertain in our brain. If there is a conflict between these two minds, the subconscious usually wins out since it is the more powerful one.

So, to improve our lives we need to address the habits of our habitual or subconscious mind. Thinking positively with our conscious, creative mind helps us to do that, whereas negative thinking only gums up the gears.

Think of a Ship

Let’s say your creative, conscious mind is a ship’s rudder, and your habitual, subconscious mind is the ship’s mighty engine. If no one steers the ship, the rudder will whip back and forth as the water’s flow (life) changes. The ship will move but will create a crazy pattern across the water until it runs aground or dashes itself on some rocks.

When someone is at the ship’s helm, the vessel is more likely to get the crew where it wants to go because the engine (subconscious mind) is directed by the ship’s rudder (conscious mind).

A well-tuned subconscious mind (engine) will function without frustrating the conscious mind (ship’s wheel). The question is then how to keep the two minds from thwarting each other.

Cooperation of the Minds

The subconscious mind is influenced by repetition, suggestion, and opening to new perceptions.

  1. Know your strengths, and use them to address your concerns and to solve problems. When strengths are used, even in taking small steps, the subconscious will catch onto the fact that they can be depended on.
  2. If there are areas of your life that continuously cause frustration, such as relationship problems, shame, or anger issues, consider getting professional help to address them.
  3. Find some way of quieting your “monkey” mind, the one that is always in a hurry to criticize and look for the worst-case scenario. You might try mindfulness meditation, guided meditation, Tai chi, breathing exercises, yoga, running, swimming, or whatever helps you quiet your thoughts.


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