Using Color To Calm, Balance, and Energize


If our body’s energies are depleted or blocked the body cannot function well, and eventually disease may arise.

Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is a treatment method that uses the colors of our visible light spectrum to restore and balance the body’s energy, helping it to heal and maintain well-being.

Color therapists believe that colors, being waves of electromagnetic energy, have a profound effect on us—physically, emotionally, and mentally. We can tap into this harmonizing energy by practicing simple exercises that utilize the visualization of colors.

Exercise: Breathing in Color

Doing this exercise regularly will help revitalize the body’s energies and heighten your awareness of color. If possible, do this exercise outside, standing on grass in your bare feet.

  1. Stand with your feet a few inches apart, arms at your side with the palms of your hands facing forward. (This can be done sitting in a chair if you prefer).
  2. For a couple minutes, breathe in through the nose, slowly and deeply. Hold the breath a few moments before exhaling through the mouth. As you breathe out, imagine releasing negativity, stress, and toxins—cleansing and calming the body.
  3. Now, breathe in the color red. Draw it from the earth, through the soles of your feet. In your mind’s eye see it rise up with your in-breath through your entire body and out the top of your head. As you exhale, allow the color red to flow back down the body and return to the earth.
  4. Repeat #3, breathing the color orange.
  5. Repeat #3, breathing the color yellow.
  6. Now, breathe in the color green. Draw it in horizontally, through the front of your torso. Imagine it traveling with your in-breath both up and down your body—out the soles of your feet and through the top of your head. As you exhale, see the green color contracting and leaving through your back.
  7. Now, breathe in the color blue. Draw it in through the top of your head. See it filling your body as it flows down through your feet. As you breathe out, imagine the blue rising up your body, leaving through the top of your head.
  8. Repeat #7, breathing in the color indigo.
  9. Repeat #7, breathing in the color violet.
  10. Finish the exercise by breathing normally and seeing yourself surrounded, for a few moments, in gentle, pure white light.

After becoming comfortable with the exercise you can, if you wish, add a life-affirming affirmation to each colorized in-breath.

Efficacy Evidence

Chromotherapy has many adherents and the human emotional response to color is something most of us have experienced. However, the efficacy of color therapy for physical ailments has not been well researched. It has been neither proved nor disproved.

Maybe the curative evidence for color therapy is waiting to be discovered.

“The visible light spectrum with its beneficial frequencies for the human body provides the preventing tool for healing,” writes C. Klotsche in Color Medicine. “Color medicine is truly the medicine of the future.”

March is National Color Therapy Month.

Source: Color Therapy Healing


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