What your Halloween costume says about your psyche


Because today is a holiday, it seems appropriate to look at the lighter side of things and have a little fun.

The following is not clinically proven, scientifically sound, or even based on anecdotal evidence from the therapist's chair. Instead, it is entirely tongue-in-cheek with maybe a hint of truth to keep it real enough to be humorous.

Now that it's too late for you to change, here's what your costume of choice says about your personality and psychology.


The witch is a powerful symbol of non-Christian belief and is especially potent in North America. The symbolism involves power, capability and the rejection of our cultural norms. The costume can also elicit sexual or anti-sexual thoughts, depending on how it's assembled.

Above all, of course, it means that people can say what they think of you and appear to be referring to the costume.


Whatever your superhero of choice, if you wear the costume of Batman, Supergirl, Iron Man or any of the others, you are putting forth two conflicting ideas from your subconscious: the idea that you're inadequate, hence the costume of someone who is definitely not inadequate, and the idea that you are a superhero waiting to burst forth in your true potential.

Unless you dress as Aquaman. Then you're just lame.


Aside from Twilight characters, which are a different subject, the standard Dracula-style vampire is an easy one to interpret. Vampires symbolize eternal life, predatory behavior and latent sexuality. The latter two stem from the manner in which vampires normally (in the Bram Stoker tradition) stalk their prey and the intimate manner they attack and feed (neck biting).

If you choose to become a Twilight or True Blood character, obviously you're just trendy and like soap operas.


Aside from kids who choose to be Jake or Scully or any of the others from the Nevercrew (can you tell I have kids?), traditional pirates symbolize a defiance of authority and self-actualization. Pirate costumes are a way of abandoning boundaries and dumping social conventions.

It's likely that if you choose this as your costume, you are also unhappy at work. Just sayin'.


Because the zombie idea is such a trend now, it's lost much of its former meaning. Previously, zombies were a mixture of a fear of death and its loss of control and the latent idea that we're all just mindless, shuffling zombies in the scheme of things.

In today's zombie culture, however, being a zombie for Halloween is more akin to dressing as a Red Shirt from Star Trek.


Unless you're under the age of 7, the princess costume has obvious connotations about your inner self. You have everything but feel like you're in control of nothing. It could also mean that you're just tired of doing everything for everyone and want someone to be the prince and sweep you off your feet the floor for once.

Sexy Costumes

This is a lump of several costumes, from scantily-clad nurses to Elvira wannabe getups or naughty professor beefcake wear. They all mean roughly the same thing: You are repressed and need attention. Which, of course, you'll get when you wear this outfit. Kind of the point, right?

Delving deeper, there's probably some kind of "inner struggle" happening with the sexy getup for Halloween, but it's most likely related to whether or not the costume actually fits since you don't look like whoever was modeling it in the photos on the package.

Celebrities and Current Trends

Costumes based on famous people from Hollywood or current events say one thing: You have no imagination. Unless you dress as Amelia Earhart or the Dos Equis guy. Then you're the bomb.

Cartoon Characters

This includes clowns and is a symbol of both innocence and a carefree life. Those who don these sorts of costumes usually wish that the innocence and simplicity of childhood still existed.

Unless, of course, you choose the evil clown from It or cartoon characters from Anime. Then you just need some yoga and aromatherapy to chill out.

Everything Else

Most costumes can fall into one of the above categories. Some, like characters from video games, are just another version of a superhero. Often the meaning behind the costume is blatantly obvious and needs no interpretation. Dressing like a homeless person, for example, probably just means that you didn't think ahead and had to come up with something at the last minute or don't care enough about the holiday to put any effort into it.

Have fun and be safe this Halloween!


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